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Our experienced team can help you through your legal challenges.  Arrested?  Injured?  New business?  Involved in a lawsuit?    

Employees!  Do you feel like your employer is taking advantage of you?  

Employers!  Are your employees refusing to follow your overtime and break time policies?

          Whether you're the boss or the worker, the success of the business should be your number one priority because the livelihoods of you and your family depend on it.  Wage and hour violations are completely avoidable if employers and employees work together.

5 simple ways to prevent and discourage wage and hour violations?

          1.  The employer must have a uniform, written overtime and break time policy that each employee must acknowledge and agree in writing to follow.

          2. The employer must have a user friendly, electronic (preferably biometric or fingerprint based) employee time management system.

          3.  The employer must properly train management to regularly monitor and enforce the employer's policies.

          4.  The employee must be punctual and take all mandatory break periods.

          5.  The employee must clock in and clock out accurately, honestly, and personally.

         Labor laws, including wage and hour laws can be complicated and hard to follow.  We can help you prepare a solid, written employee handbook that simply and clearly advises you and your employees of the proper procedures and policies needed to comply with the Labor Code requirements.  

             However, we understand that you may be a small business and feel like you don't have the budget to hire an attorney to prepare your written policies.  But we can make this affordable for you.  More importantly, California courts are more likely to hold employers responsible for these violations when they do not have written policies in effect and do not properly train their management about these policies.    

           Wage and hour violations can lead to penalties, interest and attorney's fees awards on top of any unpaid wages due to the employee.  What seems to be a minor violation could quickly become a six figure judgment after years of litigation and can pave the way for future claims by former and present employees.

          A small investment now can position you to defend against these claims, at worst, and prevent them altogether at best.  An employee handbook tailored to your business prepared by a lawyer would, on average, cost much less you think.  


          Biometric employee time card systems are a very affordable, tax deductible business expense.  They cost anywhere from $130 to $700 not including any monthly subscriptions to integrate it with your payroll system.  They are available online and at some national office supply stores.  The benefits of biometric time card systems are invaluable.  They require each employee to personally enter time with a touch of their finger.  It is a simple and automated process that generally requires less oversight and management.  Any irregularities will show up on automated reports for easy reference by management.  As such, they offer pinpoint time records for use in employee reviews and if you have to defend against any employee claims.

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