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Our experienced team can help you through your legal challenges.  Arrested?  Injured?  New business?  Involved in a lawsuit?    

You generally have two years after you are injured to file a lawsuit or you will lose the right to seek compensation forever.

If you are near the two year limitation, CALL NOW! 

If you are negotiating with an insurance company to settle your claim, how do you know they are making a fair offer?  

In my experience injured persons who are dealing with insurance companies without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney are offered only about 1/3 of what their claim is truly worth.

CALL NOW to see what your claim is really worth!

How do you convince an insurance company that you are claim is legitimate and get a fair deal?

  1. Send a written notice of your injury to the insurance company of the person that injured you, including the date of injury, and ask for the limit on the amounts the policy will payout.  
  2. Have proof that you were injured because their insured did something wrong, such as a police report, photos, statements by their insured, or video.  
  3. See a doctor right away to confirm you are injured even if you think it is a minor injury.​ Follow your doctor's advice so that you can recover as quickly as possible.
  4. Keep a daily or weekly journal of the pain and inconvenience you are experiencing.
  5. Do not exaggerate your injury or symptoms. 
  6. Keep copies of all of your receipts and bills from your medical treatment.
  7. If you lost time from work, keep/get copies of your pay stubs for 6 months before the injury.
  8. Put your demand for settlement in writing showing why their insured is the cause of your injuries, what injuries you have suffered, what treatment you have received, how you have suffered mentally and physically, and the amounts of your lost wages and medical bills.  BE SURE to add an amount to compensate you for your pain and suffering, usually 1 to 10 times the amount of your medical bills and lost wages.  
  9. DO NOT give a recorded statement to the insurance company without talking to an experienced personal injury attorney first.
  10. DO NOT sign any papers with the words "Release," "Compromise", or "Settlement" on them until you are certain what it means and that you are receiving a fair settlement amount.

Does this list sound complicated?  Don't have the time to negotiate?  Feel intimidated by the insurance company?  

CALL NOW to have us fight for you!

Have you been injured?  Missed work?  Medical Bills?  

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